Technical analysis for 12.04.2022

Technical analysis (FOREX, metals, oil, cryptocurrencies) for 12.04.2022
Technical analysis for the EUR/USD pair:
Buying area: 1.0815–1.0825

Sales area: 1.0950–1.0960

Priority: sell (1.0950)

Technical analysis for the GBP/USD pair:
Buying area: 1.2940–1.2950

Sales area: 1.3050–1.3060

Priority: sell (1.3050)

Technical analysis for GOLD (XAU/USD):
Buying area: 1917.00–1919.00

Sales area:1964.00–1966.00

Priority: sell (1964.00)

Technical analysis for WTI (XTI/USD)
Buying area: 93.60–93.80

Sales area: 103.60–103.80

Priority: buy (93.80)

Technical analysis for the BTC/USD pair:
Buying area: 37000.00–38000.00

Sales area:42000.00–43000.00

Priority: sell (42300.00)

Technical analysis for the EHT/USD pair:
Buying area: 3100.00–3150.00

Sales area: 3460.00–3490.00

Priority: sell (3460.00)

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Technical analysis for 12.04.2022 are generated by a system based on technical analysis of the key support and resistance levels that form on the chart. The system does not use additional indicators of technical analysis.

The trading signals presented on the website are for informational purposes only and are not an incentive to trade or invest money. is not responsible for possible losses as a result of using the trading signals presented on the site. Operations in the OTC Forex market carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for all traders.




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